Adresta offers two products

For watch manufacturers and retailers, we offer an easy-to-use web solution. The solution allows them to create their own digital certificates for each of their timepieces. The web solution can be easily integrated with existing and surrounding systems or used as a stand-alone application.
The watch owners get an application allowing them to have all the relevant information about their timepieces in one place. Watch owners experience new and improved services. They will also be able to understand what happens behind the scenes.

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Customer Experience redefined

Customer service going beyond the point of sale

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Innovation, exclusive products and excellent service

Adresta - Blockchain Security
Secured Through Blockchain

Tamper-proof due to blockchain technology

Watch Owner

  • The application is designed specifically for watch owners to access every relevant information in one place. The complete history from the first sale to services, repairs, inheritances and transactions of the watch are recorded and available to the current owner. The privacy is, and will always be our number one security measure, and you decide if you want to share your information with the brand and retailer. There will be less hassle at the customs or in insurance cases, as documents and certificates can be shared with the relevant players whenever and wherever you like.

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Manufacturer and Retailer

  • Manufacturer and retailer benefit from new models to increase revenue. With Adresta you create digital certificates for high-end timepieces. The certificates are securely stored with the history of the watch from manufacturer to retailer, service & repair and the CPO market on the web-application together. Through the continuously updated digital certificate, new possibilities of customer experience in the luxury segment arise. Brands create emotions, and interaction possibilities for the actors in the watch lifecycle.


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